Monday, September 5, 2011

Katie Shanks, 17 entered the Teen Queen UK modelling competition for 16 to 19-year-olds.
Although she has never modeled before, she is now a contender in a national modeling competition.

It started with a photo-shoot in London last month.
Katie  has always been interested in modeling but is only five feet tall.
Katie’s mother, said: “I feel ecstatic for her".
“She entered the Teen Queen UK competition on the off-chance, not expecting to get anywhere, but she seems to come alive when she gets in front of the camera.”
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Models Make Music - Girls Generation - Run Devil Run

Time for a musical interlude. This one is a hot song with dozens of hot models dancing. 27,452,480 views can't be all wrong! See who is performing in this pop music video. It isn't so many singers and dancers. It is the models who are at the top of the totem pole in the entertainment world.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You will not get a second chance by waiting a few years.

Want to see why 14 is an entirely appropriate age for some people to push their modeling careers forward? Take a look below or do an image search for this Kendall Jenner, the newest Kardashian teen model. 

It is no different for the aspiring Olympic gymnast, diver or swimmer. When you have the inner drive, the opportunity and the resources with which to compete, you need to stand and deliver.

You will not get a second chance by waiting a few years.

Fair Use Disclaimer: This blog reports on teen style and fashion modeling. Kendall Jenner and the Kardashians are newsworthy subjects who are making news with their modeling enterprises. It is entirely   fair and valid use to display limited photos to represent and clarify the significant impact these individuals are having on this important industry while linking to the full story elsewhere. 

If you are ready to create the photos to push your dreams into first place, contact the best:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Reasons to Create a TfP Partnership with a Photographer

Ever thought of creating a TfP Partnership? 
Here is what you need to know to create a good one and what to do--and what not do when you decide to participate: 
It may take a little courage, but the benefits, the experience, the contacts and the images can be invaluable in pushing your photo modeling career up to the next level.

TfP means "Trade for Photos". 
You can  approach a particular photographer whose style and work you admire, or you can find a reputable tfp photo club through  
It works like this: Suppose you are looking for modeling jobs or an agent to help you find work. This kind of work can be a lot of fun and very lucrative. Modeling is certainly hard work, but the lifestyle, the perqs and the benefits can more than make up for all that hard work. 
If have the looks and can handle being the star in the center of attention, you should consider pursuing your dream whether it becomes a full-time career, a short-term experience or even a life-long free-lance hobby.  

What are the first things you need? A portfolio of high quality professional photos and experience working in front of the camera with a photographer.
Never deliver second-rate images or self-made snapshots. Never show out-of-focus, over-exposed photos with flash glare in the dirty bathroom mirror; with the toothpaste and the mouthwash cluttering the background and your arm sticking out holding the camera. Cute for family and friends, maybe. Not so much for a serious model.
Worse than nothing at all, these kind of pics scream, "NOT A SERIOUS MODEL!"  It's like showing up for an executive job interview in sweatpants and sneakers. You will not get a second chance.

An impressive set of professional quality photos can cost hundreds or even thousands
of dollars. What to do? Consider what you have to offer to the photographer.

Photographers can develop more business in  portraiture and glamour by ramping up their own web sites and print portfolios with fashion shots and model images. Paying customers often don't want their photos used in the photog's advertising. They're the ones paying for personal and sentimental photos. They don't necessarily want to have their photos seen in newspaper or local tv ads.   

The photog's dilemma? Same as yours! For her to hire a model and spend hours shooting with several outfit and background changes it can easily run up hundreds or thousands of dollars.  See where I'm going with this? You each have something of comparable value to offer each other. 

Ground rules are pretty simple: You agree to pose and model, either under the photog's direction or in your own style while the photog takes care of lighting, background, props, etc. Photog promises to deliver a select number of high-resolution images that have been color-corrected, adjusted for contrast, cropped, etc. to you via email or other upload. You each have the right to use the images to promote your own business. You can each use the photos in advertising, professional portfolios, for web sites, for business cards, special events, etc.

I'll have lots more information and ideas in upcoming editions of this blog. Please subscribe. If you have any questions, please send them along to me. If you want a few practical ideas, please visit my Model Mayhem profile  and my Photo Model Sessions TfP meetup group.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding the right photographer for your modeling portfolio.

My name is Chris and I am a well-known professional photographer specializing in fashion, glamour, portfolio development and teen model promotions. My studios are located near New York and Philadelphia in the beautiful Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. 

I am also the founder and director of Photo Model Sessions, a great group of photog and models from New York to Philadelphia; Lancaster, the Poconos and Scranton who have been getting together for over five years for training, workshops, professional networking, socializing, technical discussions and hands-on Photo Model Sessions both on-location and in various studions.

With my wealth of experience I've learned lots of valuable  information about model management, steps to take when building or even just exploring a modeling career, website and portfolio development, modeling opportunities that pay ($$$) and much, much more. 

Think you want  modeling career? For now, let's just say you are starting to think about pursuing modeling as a possible career. 

Why do I say that? Because there are so many variables to consider and it really takes a lot of hard work, both physically and emotionally. We will look at everything  closely in the next few editions of this blog. Please click the SUBSCRIBE link on this page so you don't miss anything.  

Once you make your decision to pursue a career (part-time or full-time) in modeling, you will have a lot more important decisions to make every day; 
  • What events to attend?
  • What web sites to join?
  • What to eat?
  • What to wear?
  • What about make-up?
  • Where to work out?
  • What to sign?
  • Do I need an agent?
  • Who to connect with?
  • Who to bring with you?
  • Do you need an agent or a lawyer?
  • What to avoid?
  • Finding a photog' that specializes in fashion, glamour and models  
  • and much more.

From the list above let's start with who to connect with and let me point out that that you will not build a modeling career by sitting in your bedroom, taking snaps with your cellphone and posting them to facebook. My point? You need to get out from behind your computer and into the real world with other professional and serious models and photographers.

Second is the emphasis on finding a photog' that specializes in fashion, glamour and models. Many photogs' will say they specialize in this that or the other thing...whatever you are looking for that is their specialty. Ha! That is a joke and the joke is on you, if you fall for it.

Would you go to a cardiac doctor if his phone book listing said, "Specializing in Heart Surgery, Drug Rehab, Athletes Feet, Butt Pain, etc."? Hopefully not. That's not specializing. That's generalizing.

When a photog' says he specializes in portraits, weddings, annual reports, catalogs, restaurant menus, commercial, babies & kids, aerial photos, sports teams, glamour, etc.--that's not a specialist. That's a generalist. They will do generally anything you are willing to pay them for. They will show you your pictures then they will show you the door.  

So if you or your daughter are ready to take the next step--or even just to talk about that next step, please put me at the top of your list. We can meet over lunch, in my studio or at your home or work location. Send an email to with your interests and contact info. 

All photos and content on this page are
© C. Cross,, 2005-2011 Lehigh Valley, Pa
All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A sassy attitude can be a fun way for a teen model to get a second look

Teen Model Luna Vette has a tender side,
but she loves to show off her sassy streak. 

Starting out and making your way through the ranks as a teen model involves many decisions, some easy and some hard. Here's an easy one, if you are a spunky girl with attitude. Don't be afraid to show off some of your sassy style in your photo shoots unless your director is calling for a strictly ivory-snow image.

Everyone loves the fresh-faced, rosy-cheeked, clean-cut, All-American girl next door look. Right? Of course we do!

But that doesn't mean we aren't intrigued by the sassy, smart-aleck, bad girl who knows how to put someone in their place; especially if they are getting outta line.

How can you resist these sassy photos of teen model, Luna Vette? She is bristling with genuine, spicy Latina attitude and you can almost feel it just by looking at her photos.

Listen closely and you can almost hear her growl! Even with the attitude, or perhaps because of it, she makes you want to move in a little closer and get to know her better.

This valuable talent of being able to express a wide range of  emotion overlaps with the realm of acting, theater and drama. It makes you, the model all the more versatile and valuable as bankable talent.

If you would like to see more of the many exciting and beautiful sides of teen model sensation, Luna Vette, you can order her new high-quality, full color Teen Modeling magazine in digital or print format.

Magazine specs and ordering details are coming up shortly. Hit the subscribe button or click the link in the next paragraph to let us know of your interest.

You don't miss this one! To reserve your copy of Luna Vette's Modeling Magazine, please add your email to this list with your comments and suggestions. We'll get more details out to you right away.

MODELS: We are always looking for qualified teen models for portfolio building, web site development and media exposure. We are looking for real talent and would like to promote your modeling career with online, print, runway, product and broadcast opportunities.

You don't need a special degree, but you can get the experience and build your portfolio in our hands-on workshops with professional glamour photographers in their studios and on-location.

If you would like to audition to be one of our featured models, please fill out this form with your contact info. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Teen Models: Find and develop your unique qualities

Teen Model Luna Vette
© 2011
Welcome to Jamba Teen, the Professional Teen Model's Resource for  career information, fashion & style ideas, industry news, glam gear, cool and trendy outfits, exciting clothing, dazzling makeup and hair ideas for fashion fun and sizzling style!

You know it's all about "The Look" and "The Look" all comes together with many ingredients. The main ingredient, though is something called 'authenticity'.

Teen Model Luna Vette
© 2011
It's also called 'focusing on your strengths'. To put it another way, just be yourself. But don't be just another person on the street! It isn't enough any more to just be another pretty face in the crowd.

You need to find your own unique qualities and push them to another level. If everyone says you have beautiful eyes or amazing hair, then give it all you have to make those features really stand out so people turn their heads and say, "Whoooooaah!"

Teen Model Luna Vette
© 2011
If you have a powerful sense of posing, if you are a dancer or gymnast or an expressive actress, then push those qualities so that people will recognize your work in an instant when they see it.

Teen Model Luna Vette
© 2011
Listen to your favorite singers or performers. They never just walk into the studio or get up on stage and go, "blah-blah-blah".

No way! They practice. They rehearse. They sweat. And when it's Show Time, they treat every second as the precious gem it is, so they can control every subtle nuance of the sound to make it perfect just the way they want it. If the equipment isn't right in the studio, they stop until corrections are made. Everything is riding on your name. Do not create a bad product with your name--or image on it.

Pictured here are photos of Teen Modeling Sensation Luna Vette by C. Cross of Please contact for legitimate modeling offers and assignments.